Jom Folo


Terms & Order

● Goods sold are not refundable or exchangeable. ● Money will be refunded if the item is out of stock ● Mia LovShop berhak cancelkan order if items are damaged while in the hands of & will return your money back ● Sebarang kerosakan yang berlaku ke atas item during shipping is not the responsibility of Mia LovShop ● Fussy customers who expect to receive the goods 100% perfect. Please DON't place order. ● Once the payment is received, I will send within 7 days on working days ● Sorry if there are delays, there may be problems too late to stock. HOW TO ORDER ● Jikalau ada yang berkenan bolehlah inbox or email me at or text your order at 012-9610704 ● I will reply you shortly & send the details order ● After you confirmed, means will be booked (No cancellation after booking) ● I will inform you semula that your order will be processed ● Then the payment can be made ● Full payment is required once your order is confirmed ● Booking valid only 4 days, any enquiries or reservation please inform me if not your order will be cancel automatically ● Penghantaran akan di lakukan after full payment

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